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Rent Your Way to Freedom

Is our house the asset and investment we’ve been conditioned to believe it is and is renting for second-class citizens? Or, is Renting an alternate path to Freedom? 

Dynamic Channels

Market Advisory and Channel Recruiting Services for ISVs

Whether you're an American firm expanding to Europe or European firm launching in America, no problem!

Dynamic Channels has you covered with local resources to build your partner network.


GenX Advocate: Author & Speaker

Eric exposes undertones of the macro-economy affecting the GenX situation and future, including drivers like: secular stagnation and shifts in demographics, finances, and social behaviors.


Family Businesses

Entrepreneurial Ambitions

The place from where the serial entrepreneur launches her products and businesses. 

Books, Blogs, and Tips 

Veronica shares the wisdom of her experience as a American girl, homeschooled in Belgium.  



As employed by virtually every successful entrepreneur these principals have helped my dad generated over $4 Billion in revenue.  Taught to me by my natural father, from lessons of spiritual father in Heaven.

In response to growth of Pepsi in the 1980's in the Coca-Cola Co. changed their secret formula and rolled-out "New Coke." With disastrous results and near revolt they quickly reintroduce Coca-Cola Classic (and canceled the "New Coke Project). Similarly, in 1969 Pope Paul VI rolled-out the "novus Ordo Missae" (the new Order of Mass) in the church - with similarly  disastrous results, the church has nonetheless continued headlong on path

Our Lady of Ransom

Ransoming Churches from Destruction

The Church, her buildings, and artifacts are endangered species.


This non-profit fund seeks to save those visible signs and put them to productive use in Traditional practices, for saving souls. 

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